Design e stile
dal 1903


Only after having got to know the soul of the design can one define a global project. Only this way can you find the matrix of domesticity and the warmth of the home.


Fossati Interni celebrates that magical transformation of the product into wise interior decoration by juxtaposing its experience with the clients requirements.


A process of mutual sharing combined with transparency of relationships and our own history which goes back over one hundred years.


This is the true representation the cultural continuity and depth which is our hallmark, perpetual witness of the immutability of our excellence.



From the simple concept of furniture, to custom furniture, to construction design, Fossati Interiors is now a distribution system based on the excellence of multiple factors that converge all our passion and know-how acquired over the years.
Carpentry, design and service are the basis of a relationship founded on trust and open confrontation.
Such are the values, which make up our code of practice: respect and quality.


The Fossati Interiors experience has deep and historical roots, related to the world of craftsmanship and furniture, dating back to 1903.
A tradition of superior cabinet-making sets us apart for our expression of personal taste and our ability to make functional and durable products.
The mass-production and designer furniture sales sectors have undergone transformations and an evolution in the choices of the brands we represent.
We are giving our best in our work and are following a demanding path, which is in continuous progress, respecting technology and ethics.

Ethics and environment

We place man at the center of the world, always.
Respect for the environment around us, ennobles our work and our mission to lead the domestic space to a new ecological and energy frontier.
The development of home automation, of zero impact materials and bio-architecture, are the main ingredients of our idea of contemporary design.

Corporate Environmental Impact

For a long time, now, there has been a constant, ongoing process of environmental impact reduction: improvement never ends.
We produce most of the electricity we consume through photovoltaics, we chose a certified supplier of renewable energy, we are replacing halogen lamps with LEDs.
In renovating our stores, warehouses and offices we have chosen to use heat pumps, radiating panels or infrared lamps, depending on the situation, but above all we have invested heavily in the insulation.
We increasingly reduce the use of paper in the office via the digitization of documents.

Respect for human beings

Our staff is 90% permanently employed.
We are careful to pay full respect to safety.
We invest in ongoing training.
We have made work placements for the disadvantaged.